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About our Company

About our Company

AND LLC was established in 2014 and is engaged in gardening and beekeeping. The company collaborates with leading European gardening and beekeeping organizations by using modern technologies. In particular, for the apple orchards (with saplings imported from Europe) that are located at the base of mountain ISHKHANASAR (the word Ishkhan means “ruler”, “nobleman”) (1800m above the sea level) the company is using drip irrigation system and anti-hail nets. As for the beekeeping, the company collaborates with German and Danish organizations that produce beekeeping materials and technologies.

The bees are located in ISHKHANASAR and in QARVACHAR where the pure honey is produced due to lush and diverse honey productive nature as well as due to the ecologically clean environment.

The Armenian honey was always exported due to its great reputation. AND LLC has initiated the beekeeping development program to export and reestablish the reputation of the Armenian honey. The mission of the company is to continue and to develop the rich traditions of beekeeping with the help of modern technologies. 






Our company’s primary mission includes: 


  • The introduction and distribution of Armenian products to foreign markets with the application of the technologies and innovations of the leading European companies. 

  • The geographic expansion of the label Made in Armenia.

  • The increase of the recognizability of Armenian honey, leading to greater awareness of Armenia in general. 

  • The establishment of additional workplaces with a respectable income and the continual endeavor of keeping Armenians on the Armenian soil. 

We plan to expand our product range year by year, without forgetting to pay attention to the development of our primary and most important product, the Armenian mountain honey. The principal factors of our organizational culture are the consistent, systematic, timely implementation of production processes, the maintenance of the highest product quality possible and a great responsibility towards the society. The key to our success is the presence of well-educated, hard-working employees. We pay great attention to the education of our employees, their acquisition of professional, specialist skills and the organization of regular training sessions. We will also organize visits by foreign experts, seminars and consultations on a constant basis. 



The company uses the latest technologies, modern equipment and recipes for beekeeping and gardening. To that end, business relations were established with German and Danish companies that produce beekeeping tools, materials, and equipment. The company obtained automatic and semi-automatic control equipment from Europe for squeezing, cleaning and bottling the honey. As for the treatment of bees and prevention of diseases, the company uses remediesmade from natural sources. All this, plus the sun and water of the Armenian world accompanied with the age-old traditions of beekeeping, create PAMP, the fabulous food of Gods.

As for the orcharding, the company imported saplings from Europe and created for them a unique world with the help of drip irrigation system and anti-hail nets.

Due to crystal waters and life-giving warmth of the Armenian world, the apple trees provide immortal fruits with taste and smell typical only to our Armenian land. 


The composition and the quality of the honey were checked by the QSI (Quality Services International GmbH) laboratory.

Down below, we present the results and conclusions provided by the laboratory.







Our certificates


1. Certified to the USDA NOP organic regulations

2. Certificate

3. Agriculture certificate