Organic honey 270 g

Organic honey 270 g

The honey Pamp is produced in the highlands of the Armenian province of Syunik, specifically within the alpine meadows located at a height of 1,800 to 2,500 meters above sea level. The main sources of the honey are the various vivid flowers and lush plants found in the region, containing numerous medicinal and beneficial properties.

In every jar of our honey you will discover the whole range of aromas and tastes found within the Armenian wilderness and nature. Furthermore, by tasting the honey you will be able to appreciate the truly titanic work carried out by our junior friends, the bees.

Our beehives are placed in one of the many beautiful corners of the highlands of Syunik, in the heartlands of virgin nature, where the burbles of the streams cascading down from the peaceful mountains and the serene buzzing of the working bees thrive. Such are the typical conditions under which the organic honey Pamp is born. 

Attached below you can find a file containing the product specifications of the organic honey as dictated by the results of the analyses carried out by the German QSI laboratory. According to the final findings of QSI the honey can be sold on the European market.

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