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Cream-Honey 430 g

Cream-Honey 430 g

The product is organic, certified by the company "Ecocert". 

The honey "Pamp" is produced in the highlands of the Armenian province of Syunik, specifically within the alpine meadows located at a height of 1,800 to 2,500 meters above sea level. The main sources of the honey are the various vivid flowers and lush plants found in the region, containing numerous medical and beneficial properties.

In every jar of honey you will discover the whole range of aromas and tastes found within the Armenian wilderness and nature. Furthermore, by tasting the honey you will be able to appreciate the truly titanic work carried out by our junior friends, the bees. All the equipment for beekeeping operations, honey processing and storage is purchased from German and Danish manufacturers.

Quantities of honey are being transformed to cream-honey in a process where an individual, adjusted approach for the production of each batch is taking place and modern equipment designed specifically the production of cream-honey is utilized. During the mentioned process of production the crystals found within honey are essentially crushed, which results in the honey tuning into a soft, thin and homogeneous mass, making it completely lose its ability of crystallization.